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Backup your PC (its not so difficult)

I have become a personal disaster recovery zealot. I’m like the former smoker railing against smokers – so I’ll try not to preach too much.

SBCP-FilesToBkupWhen I used Windows on all of my machines, I did the occasional random image backup. To be honest, these occurred about once every 3 to 6 months. Not good. When I switched to [Ubuntu] Linux, I was curious on best practices and stumbled across an article on simple Linux backup methods. This in turn brought me to the Simple Linux Backup software. It is and does what it says.

The configuration of SLB (my short hand for it, not theirs) consists of saying what to backup – directories and files – and what to exclude – files from the list of things to backup that really don’t need to be. For example, I backup everything in my home directory *except* I do not need to backup my “downloads” directory since I could easily get those files from the Internet. Continue reading ‘Backup your PC (its not so difficult)’ »

Brief hiatus is over !

Sketch123006 WOW that was FAST !!!!

It took all of 6 hours for the Internet to catch up with my new Service provider and host. It took me all of 15 minutes to restore my blog ! This is cool – and totally unexpected <sigh>

I had envisioned troubles lots of troubles here in river city … with a capital “T”. The hardest part was shutting off my old provider and getting control of my WHOIS registration. The switch over happened much faster than I expected and the reload of my blog was a bit of a concern.

Well, back to work !

Cartoon by Gary Varvel

Brief blogging hiatus

I am in the process of moving my website and blog to a new host. For this reason, I won’t post for the next 2-3 days and there may be a hiccup or two as the domain and files transfer. I’ll blog about “why” once I am on the new host. I should be back up and running by the November 20th.

Thanks for our patience !