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It’s not an iPhone. It’s a µMac !

A web forum member asked about “racetracks in the sky” – referring to flight tracks that are depicted in three dimensions. I've had APRS in my airplane since the very first flight.

I answered the forum question but then decided to create a little video to demonstrate how I get those rolercoaster pictures.

Here is why I consider an iPhone to be a more of a computer than a phone.

I fired up DisplayRecorder on the iPhone to record a demonstration video. I started by opening Mobile Safari on the iPhone. I then visited which processes and maintains aircraft APRS data. I showed a map view of a flight. I then clicked on the “Google Earth” link and the website downloaded a KML file. Safari automatically offered to launch the mobile Google Earth app. I then did a little navigating – pan, zoom, and rotate. Finally, I stopped the recording.

I had DisplayRecorder save the video to my camera roll. I then launched Mobile iMovie where I cut out a few mistakes I had made, added some captions and a few fade effects. I had a 1 minute and 15 second video.

Next, I launched Mobile GarageBand, picked a tempo and then did some quick math to determine how many bars of 4/4 music I needed to make 1 minute an 15 seconds. I grabbed a couple loops of Latin rhythm and sequenced an electric keyboard track. I finished by having GarageBand transfer the new music back to iMovie.

iMovie combined the music and the edited video and exported it directly to Vimeo. Vimeo transcoded it and sent me a notification.

I launched Mobile Vimeo and grabbed the web markup from its “share” feature.

I finished by launching WordPress for iOS, pasted in the Vimeo markup and authored this blog post.

At no time did I turn my office computers on. They entire process was complete on my iPhone.


Making video soundtracks with GarageBand for iPad

I have a Drift HD camera mount on the airplane and have wanted to post some videos of recent flights. However, I don’t make very realistic airplane noises and finding free royalty-free soundtrack music that fits has been an exercise in futility.

So, I gave Apple another $5 and added GarageBand for the iPad.

I’m not a composer but there are just enough controls and smart instruments, loops, and editing controls that I think I can create what I need. What I like most is that I can make the music any length I want simply by looping and adding and removing sections. There are a lot of limitations in the iPad version of GarageBand but for my needs, I can live with them … for now.

My first attempt has no planned purpose other than to be an experiment. My expectation is that I’ll patch together a handful of “songs” and then, when I need one, pick the one with the closest “mood” and expand or contract it to fit the video.

In this composition, I used Smart Drums to get a combination I liked, then I lowered the volume for all the percussion instruments but the kick drum. I then started the recording and dragged each instrument up the volume axis over the course of 6 bars. I used a string instrument loop so that track was brain dead simple. Next I added a loop for a Rhodes style organ. By this point, it was starting to sound pretty “canned” so I created an improv track with one of the mambo synths. I finished up by hacking a flute loop into a couple short snips to wrap on either end of the synth improv.


click the image to hear the results