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Activity at the tomato farm

poker players might call these 'tomato stakes'
poker players might call these 'tomato stakes'

The field has been plowed with the berms set, drip lines buried, and the poly wrap installed. Next will be hooking up the irrigation lines and then planing all of the 28,000+ seedlings.

A year ago the transitioned from large, above ground irrigation feeder pipes to buried trunk lines and smaller flexible above ground connecting lines.

This year they upgraded the pumping station at the irrigation pond as well as the supplement injection system.

upgrading the irrigation system
upgrading the irrigation system

Previously they had large holding tanks at grade level as well as down near the holding pond. Earlier his spring they removed all the old equipment and and filled in the area to level everything up at the same level as the field.

Now they’ve finished most of the work. They’ve poured a concrete slab and install stainless tanks that can introduce different “stuff” into the irrigation lines.

Puffball mushroom, Puffball mushroom

a polyphyletic assemblage
a polyphyletic assemblage

Today’s photograph is brought to you by all the strange weather we’ve been having. A long dry spell followed by a long wet spell made for the perfect conditions for mushrooms. The Puffball is a common variety on the ESVA. In its young form, it’s edible but it has very little flavor and even less consistency when cooked.

Flight traffic at 53VG

Private airports – especially those on a farm – tend to have minimal traffic. Once in a while, the owner may try to put together an adhoc fly-in. But for most of the year, the airspace over a private grass runway is pretty quiet.

There are exceptions to nearly every rule – even rules of thumb..

This morning, I had intentions to go fly. The day dawned with thick fog. Once the fog lifted, it didn't go far – if became very low clouds. The clouds were too low for my flight plan, but it didn't ground everyone.

I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.


Planting tomatoes on a commercial scale

multi-row planting rig

Commercial farming has become very mechanized, even labor intensive crops such as tomatoes.

This tractor tows a special built trailer which covers six rows at a time. The trailer has six seats. In front of each seat is a spoked wheel which is designed to poke holes in the poly that covers a planting bed row every 24 inches.

Above the spoked wheel, is a large sloped rack which is loaded with partitioned crates containing tomato seedlings. A worker sits in each of the seats, takes a seedling, and plants it in the hole made by the spoked wheel.

All of this happens as the tractor rolls down the rows. The workers can not waste any movement or they will fall behind and miss a planting.

Rows are 300 feet long and there are often 100 or more rows in a field.

Anyone looking for work?

Small beginnings

small beginnings

While it doesn’t look like much now, this is the start of the corn crop. With a couple of warm days and some rain anticipated, this little sprout has a pretty good start on growing up to feed a chicken one day.

It’s gonna be corn

With the Eastern Central states being as cold and wet as they have been, crops are late getting planted. So, the question has been “will it be beans or corn ?” Last year was the first year in many that there was corn planted. The other years its been soy beans. (That's sow-ee beans to some.)

Well, after being out and about is Saturday morning running errands, we came back to find the big green tractor hitched up and ready to roll.

One thing about having corn, it blocks the view of the road and makes the runway stand out when viewed from the pattern.