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Weeds redux

stereoscopic photo of a flowering weed
stereoscopic photo of a flowering weed

Seven years ago, when I first moved to the Shore, I realized that all things are relative. A good example is that some of the weeds which infiltrate the planted crops are quite attractive.

Those where mostly white. The same “weed” also has a blue variety!

Twitter. It’s not just for flotsam

There are a lot of tweets than have no real value.
There are lots of tweets that are marketing and promotion.

Then there are tweets that actually make a difference – tweets that take place in emergencies and other tweets that are public announcements and broadcasts of information that will “help”.

@FollowTheGulls – the twitter feed for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) – may not tweet often but yesterday they tweeted an accident and closure to all lanes.

Tweets like this are not welcome but they are appreciated. They give citizens useful information and give receivers the ability to make decisions.

For me, the decision was pretty easy. The bridge is the only route across the bay for hundreds of miles. Shut off the car. Sit back. Make a couple calls to say I’d be late. Then read.

I need to follow more of these useful twitter feeds.

Nick gets another visitor

Sometimes I think Nick has more friends stay over than me!

He got a surprise visitor for a few days. Initially it was a bit crazy.

There was lots of running and playing chase. Then panting and some water. Then a quick dinner followed by a little “forced rest” before more running and panting followed by some tug of war. Then a little more rest followed by a game of chase in the dark. And now I think it must be just about time for all of us to get some sleep.


Up before the wind


Just as low temperatures are affecting the farmers’ schedule for planting, the excessive wind is making the regular aerial application to the fields near impossible. The only option is to fly before the wind builds. Most days over the last month, the winds have been quite just around dawn but pickup quickly as the morning progresses.

The lone crop duster in the area has had to fly earlier and earlier as well as in overcast and even misty mornings to get his job done.

Today was no exception as he was working the fields, just across the road from the farmhouse …


carter_crabbe-low pass

It’s gonna be corn

With the Eastern Central states being as cold and wet as they have been, crops are late getting planted. So, the question has been “will it be beans or corn ?” Last year was the first year in many that there was corn planted. The other years its been soy beans. (That's sow-ee beans to some.)

Well, after being out and about is Saturday morning running errands, we came back to find the big green tractor hitched up and ready to roll.

One thing about having corn, it blocks the view of the road and makes the runway stand out when viewed from the pattern.


High pressure zone

windy and low humidity

windy and low humidity

The day started out foggy, misty and generally just yucky. Not anymore!