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What should become of the 2001 SLK 230 ?

2001 230 SLK in yellow Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a performance driver ? at least no any more and not when there are four wheels involved. However, I picked up a used 2001 Merc 230 SLK back in 2003 and it is now an 8 year old. It is still in pretty good shape but will eventually need some TLC (Truck Load of Cash). So the question is ?

  1. Do I drive it until it breaks down or falls apart (accepting the diminished capabilities as time progresses) ?
  2. Do I keep it up as best as possible ?
  3. Do I attempt to improve it ? where I define ?improve? is to tune it for comfort, agility, and fuel economy ?
  4. Do I sell it ?

What is your vote ?

"Keep it simple" – the motto for product design

I came across an interesting article about an alarm clock …

About 3 months ago I bought a new clock radio. Last night, I found that I needed to use the alarm for the first time. So I looked at all the buttons, took a wild guess as to how to set the alarm, and managed to change the correct time to the wrong time. But failed to set the alarm.

So I searched the web and found a copy of the user manual. After following the instructions, I successfully set the alarm so that it would ring at 5:30am on every weekend morning for the rest of my life. But I still couldn?t set the alarm to ring the next day.

The solution? I went to a 24 hour pharmacy, bought an alarm clock for $5.99, plugged it in, and pushed the button labeled “set alarm.”

Source: What An Alarm Clock Can Teach Us About Online Collaboration

photo of Bill Gates by Garr ReynoldsThe article goes on to compare the lessons of the alarm clock to collaboration tools. I would say it applies to just about everything. I too have a radio with an alarm feature. I’ve never used the alarm feature although I did try once.

The alarm clock example fits a lot of things in our daily lives – cars, cell phones, iPods, software, digital cameras, kitchen appliances, lawn equipment …. the list is endless given a consumerist society. It’s not going to change. Manufacturers will compete on features, not ease of use. Buyers will buy “this one” over “that one” because it has one more option. And given the uneducated option, people always want “more” not “less”.

I as guilty as the next person. I’ll need to work on that … just as soon as I figure out how to shut the alarm clock off on my iPod !

FutureCar – what does it mean to be creative ?

I was watching this week’s episode of FutureCar on the Discovery Channel. The entire show was nothing extraordinary until the very last 30 seconds. Throughout the program, they kept returning to this group of young designers, each with their idea of what the future car would be. For me, every design they showed, looked futuristic but was predictable – techie, or macho, or what-have-you. In none of them did the characteristic I have grown to associate with true creativity …

…the ability to look at a situation in a way that is not expected and yields a totally new insight and direction of thought …

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