Pilot stories – aka “hangar flying”

You never quite know what will happen at 53VG but this “born in the wrong era” aviator tries to prepare for all possibilities.

Using some updated Cold War tricks, the Salmon Farm has established an early warning system. So, there was time to prepare when the teletype spat out “VladRV9A is moving. 4.36 miles SW of Plymouth, MA”. Followed a few hours later by the Rusian penetrating the inner monitoring ring, “VladRV9A has entered zone 53VGREGION – vector is 202 degrees”

Fortunately, a small cow had already been sacrificed. The Russian had been sustained by little more that potatoes and borscht. American sized burgers were grilling.

With the Russian feasting …

… the shift ended for the American airman who could enjoy a higher octane beverage.

After swapping tall tails of our national pride, the Russian took on some vodka-free petrol and was just about to call “clear” when he and the American spotted a flight of two. It was hard to make up but we guessed they sounded Italian. These were not RV pilots (but we later learned one will be soon enough).

As the trailing aircraft broke formation and the lead setup for final, the old Cold War rivals chortled as they were sure the approach was high and fast.

You needed to wipe the grass from our lower jaws when, as the landing Italian bird came to an apparent stop in mid air and drifted down to a short landing. We could not tell what magic they possessed but it seemed it must be very dark magic. Fortunately, the spy photos revealed the secret of that magic wing.

It turned out the Italian aircraft were piloted by more Americans – the Russian feeling both famous and outnumbered – took his cue and exited.

With the Russian, having exited the inner zone, the rest of us sat down for the real business – filling voids in our APRS web with a new iGate. More of us will be hunting down the Russian in the months to come.

Some interesting departing images of the unique Rallyes …

Many thanks to all who visited. I hope the weather allows more to make the next gathering!

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  1. Marty says:

    Don’t know about Italians, but I bet a Champ-ion could slip in undetected.