Best Weather Map for USA

If you fancy yourself as a better weather forecaster than your local news  station – and that is not much of a challenge – a good overview of weather provides a plethora of information. An animated weather map lets you see the storms, wind patterns, and speed. It provides a great overview of what is happening.

I’ve found a good map and it is available in two sizes – one is huge and if you run Firefox, it defaults to scaling to your browser window and clicking on a part of the image, it zooms to original size centered on your click! There are also regional animated maps.

The main website is and has a lot of useful information for the amateur (and professional weather forecaster).

And for those with a mobile device with internet access, you might like to check out this live radar mobile map. It lets you choose a region (by letter) – currently USA only – and then zoom/pan (zoom with “I” and “O” and pan with “N”, “S”, “E”, and “W”). Once you zoom in to an area, it provides an up to date animated weather loop. You can also bookmark an area once you have it on-screen. Great for knowing if you are about to drive into “fowl” weather or for checking your aviation route as part of your “go / no-go” preparations.


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