Up before the wind


Just as low temperatures are affecting the farmers’ schedule for planting, the excessive wind is making the regular aerial application to the fields near impossible. The only option is to fly before the wind builds. Most days over the last month, the winds have been quite just around dawn but pickup quickly as the morning progresses.

The lone crop duster in the area has had to fly earlier and earlier as well as in overcast and even misty mornings to get his job done.

Today was no exception as he was working the fields, just across the road from the farmhouse …


carter_crabbe-low pass


  1. Scott says:

    These are cool! Like the weather! I’m thinking the rain coming this week has been “under done” by the National Weather Service. I think we’ll see the amounts of rain and the number of days of rain increase this week. Looks warmer and dryer beginning this coming weekend. What did you use to shoot the pictures?