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OK, with that plea out of the way, let me explain ...

About three weeks ago, I switched from Wordpress to Wordpress multisite. I thought I had it all working. Clearly I did not. I had forgotten to fix the feed URLs. I left all of the readers in the dark. Sorry! Thankfully one reader sent me a note. So, then I wrote a great post about how I was using .htaccess to make the old feed URLs work. Another reader pointed I it was not working - FAIL! Ugh.

So I have resorted to hacking the site and creating this one feed and sticking it where the old URLs are pointed. My hope is that readers will find this one post and be able to update to the new URLs.


So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE accept my apologies and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update your feed readers to the new URLs.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for sticking with me !